How to bet on virtual sports

In virtual sports betting, you bet on the randomly generated outcome of virtual sports events. This new service on our site offers you an entirely new challenge as compared to betting on real sports, as random chance is what determines the result of the event! Therefore, we advise you to read this how-to before you start your virtual betting.

At, you can enjoy 6 different sports types to place a virtual bet on: football, basketball, tennis, horse racing and dog racing. Odds will be generated randomly for all betting selections. Lower odds indicate a higher likeliness of a winning bet, but will bring less winnings. Likewise, higher odds could end up more rewarding, but they come with a greater risk too.

For example, if you go with a bet on team X to win against team Y in a game of virtual football, this selection could be given the virtual odd @2.30. If X actually wins, you make 2.30 times your stake. If it doesn’t, then stake is lost. There are many betting options on all virtual sports that we offer, so it’s possible for you research your preferred or familiar betting systems. Keep in mind that all results will always be randomly generated!

The procedure you follow is essentially the same for all virtual sports that we offer. Here’s how you do it:

  • Click on the sport of your choice. You will be presented with a live preview of an ongoing game, with a list underneath of all the games to follow.
  • If you’re already a user of our classic sports betting offer, you will recognise the following steps. If not, follow the guide!
  • Pick the selection of your choice, either from the current or the upcoming games. It will appear in your betslip to the right.
  • Enter the stake of your choice. You will see a simulation of your potential winnings (the odds you picked multiplied by your stake).
  • Click “place bet” to confirm.

Once the event is over and the result calculated, your bet will be automatically calculated and, if winning, paid out. It’s possible to combine selections from the same sport as well as across different sports in a multi bet. Be aware that in this case, the odds of each selection will be multiplied with each other. This results in a higher potential payout, but again with higher risks.


V-Premier League

This is a virtual football club competition, with virtual football teams. You can place virtual bets on all the popular options, such as ‘1X2’, ‘Totals Over/Under’, ‘Halftime/Full time’, ‘Handicap’ or ‘Total Score’. You can open the full list op virtual betting selections by clicking the arrow to the right side.



Here, you can bet on virtual horse races, with betting selections that are specific to the horse racing world. Popular options are ‘Dual Forecast/Exacta’ and ‘Dual Tricast/Trifecta’, where you respectively bet on 2 horses to finish first or second in any order, and 3 horses to finish first, second or third in any order.



In V-Dogs, greyhounds race along tracks chasing an artificial lure. As is the case with horse race betting, you can place bets on which dog will finish first in these virtual races. Like in Virtual Horse Classic, you can bet on combinations of racing hounds to finish in the first two or three places here too.



Virtual Tennis Open is our virtual betting tennis event. Here, tennis matches are played around the clock by fictional tennis players. You can bet on all the popular selections, such as which player will win the next game, the next set, or the whole match. Points spreads are also possible in these virtual bets.



In our Virtual Basketball League, fictionalised teams compete for victory in a virtual setting. Betting selections range from popular choices such as ‘1X2’ or ‘Totals Over/Under’ to more specific options like ‘Race To X Points’ and ‘Highest Scoring Quarter’. You can also bet on winning margins for either team.


V-World Cup

This is a virtual football competition that mimics an international football tournament. Just like in Virtual Football League Mode, you can expect to find all the popular options. From ‘1X2’ all the way to more specific selections such as ‘Teams To Score’ or ‘Odd/Even’, there’s always something of value here.



V-Motor brings the exciting world of motorsports to life in a virtual environment. Here, you can place your virtual bets on the winner of the race. If you're already comfortable with this sport, you can go for forecasts or tricasts like in V-Horses or V-Dogs. Pick your odds, and just sit back and enjoy the ride!